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Sooo we got lots of requests to get our Summer Compilation up and streaming. Wish granted! Head over to our bandcamp page where you can listen to every song on the mixtape and order yourself a copy!

Also, if you order now (for the next day only!) we’ll let you pick any other cassette of your choice for FREE. Thats right, just order a copy of the compilation and send us and email ( or DM us on twitter with your selection!

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My wife and I are working on some new comics!

Nyquil Jordan tee from Decoder///
The Air Down There
Steezy Ray Vibes


Be sure to also check out Steezy Ray Vibes’ previous and equally spirited homespun Americana gem Empty City here.

Steezy Ray Vibes - Time Stands Still (Demo)

» LIVING ROOM VISIONS: Cosmic Sound - VHS Vision


I recently came into possession of a cassette tape entitled VHS Vision, by Cosmic Sound. This neat little limited edition C30 came by way of the ever amazing West Virginia-based Crash Symbols label. I’ll admit, until recently I was not familiar with Stephen Farris. But then, I’m not…



Originally self-released midway in 2010, VHS Vision was the one and only release from Texas producer Stephen Farris under his Cosmic Sound moniker, which he used briefly between solo releases. It hung around long enough to raise a few eyebrows, get some good “I never saw this coming” press, and even a nod from Com Truise before Farris began focusing on his work under his own name. At the time, reviewers loved his circuit bent keyboards and the horde of field recordings and other sounds that Farris recorded and mixed using his VCR, but aspects of those characteristics have since become typical of his larger output, so perhaps the name stopped making sense or the short tracks felt too tentative for Farris to want to justify the conceptual ground he would cover later. Nevertheless, it is an early and certainly one of the best statements of Farris’ experimental audio aesthetic and incomparably clever, always catchy synth-play. We couldn’t be happier to add it to the catalog over at our imprint Crash Symbols. My wife and I even played track #3 at our wedding last year.

“…super ill synth work, melted vibes and like the EP says, it’s a VHS Vision.” -Com Truise  
“This ambient project of ‘lost vhs tapes, forgotten sounds and lucid dreams’ has a beautiful, cascading dream-like quality.” -Friends With Both Arms 
“‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’ from those XX commercials could only dream of being as cool as this dude.” -Digital Hygiene

<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>VHS Vision by Cosmic Sound</a>
Preorder the limited edition cassette or download VHS Vision directly here. For a limited time, while the cassettes last, we’ll only be charging $4 for digital downloads on our bandcamp.
Nomadic Firs - S/T


Nomadic Firs - Nomadic Firs

melodic, dreamy pop from Knoxville, Tennessee

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