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Although we are once again delayed in announcing the latest Beko + Crash Symbols collaboration by a prohibitive schedule (read, my wedding on the other side of the country), we’re no less proud to present you with a new collection of beats, electro-pop, and beautifully smashed techno from the finest prodigies: Daniel Sex Jr., The Cyclist, Rimar, and Kites Sail High. If you only download one free thing this morning, consider making it this. If you already have it, consider getting an Egg McMuffin before McDonalds stops serving breakfast.

Up top, we’re streaming one of The Cyclist’s contributions, “See It” - you’ll love it.

Download it from our boys at Beko or grab it from us.


Everything about the sound of Hèloïse unfolds from the centrality of Noah Wall’s voice, whether it’s new wave disco or simpler pop being treated to his almost maximalist production. Though that same centrality tends to lend the album a melancholic edge, the sensation is in no way inescapable. These songs are an homage - to Noah’s mother, Hèloïse Wall - and their emotional significance unfolds in a more spectacular array of color and energy than conventional albums. For those of us still graced by the presence of our mothers, a sense of that significance is elusive, but Noah’s homage ultimately achieves a certain unity of transcendence that we can all know.

MP3 ::

Noah Wall - 4AR

Noah Wall - Mind Games

Preorder the limited edition cassette here, and peruse your alternatives over yonder.


Hine Mizushima is a toy designer / crafter and stop-motion video artist living in Vancouver. She created this adorable “Japanese Traditional Monster Kit” (which I unfortunately can’t find for sale anywhere) that allows you to put together your own version of her playful felt monsters. Here are some possible combinations:

I know I would’ve adored these as a kid. (Okay, I still totally adore these.)
If you want to pick up something from her Etsy shop, 10% of your purchase cost will benefit a Japan Earthquake & Tsunami fund.
I also highly suggest watching this unbelievably cute stop-motion video spot that she made, “Mr. Squid’s Handmade Moment”.

We were fortunate enough to be asked to design a mixtape cover for Speaker Snacks’ 2011 Summer mix.
Go take a listen here.

Our homie Matt at Gravity Records bumping Pregnant’s Life Hard: I Try in the range rover.
» Hearing Gold: Crash Beko


Digital Singles label Beko and label Crash Symbols put together a great multi-genre compilation, a slew of 18 tracks to keep you busy during Beko’s mid-summer break. The beautiful compilation contains a collection of tracks from personal favorites Daniel Sex Jr., Honeydrum,


If that last update was too oblique, we wanted to make sure everyone took a summery little jaunt over to Beko-DSL to download Crash Symbols’ new collaborative mixtape. Curated by me (Dwight), the whole 18 track stegosaurus is one of our many special projects this year and one of the closest to my heart, with an exclusive track coming from one of my college heroes, Antn Hrkwk, alongside other - equally exclusive - tracks from some of our new favorites like Hobbledeions, Rimar, Daniel Sex Jr., and Noah Wall. We hope you love it. 



PS, streaming above, we’ve got Rimar’s excellent contribution: “R U Happy?”.

PSS, if you didn’t follow that first link above, you can download the thing here.



Originally released as a mammoth miscellany by Mikey Sanders, aka, Blackbird Blackbird, Halo has been in a bit of a limbo this year, without seeing a proper release - Crash Symbols is proud to provide it. In spite of the delay, since Mikey unveiled the whole collection, it’s managed…



Abstract Cannon is 18 year old Houston producer Terrence Jordan, a tremendous dude with tremendous talent making twisted hip-hop and witty beats. Seen together, his music composes a guide to Jordan’s social orientation. The Primary Consumer EP is his label debut, collecting a sequence of…

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