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Nashville drum hero Scott Martin returns as Hobbledeions, and this time brings his Forrest Bride bandmate and champion of the underground, Ben Marcantel as Sugar Sk*-*lls, for side B of this split. This rad, rad split. Martin sutures dynamic blast beats to electronic atmospheres, while…

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X717 (by Max Capacity +)
this is like a prototype for a project i’m working on that i can’t post because it “exclusive” (fancy)


**PREMIERE** T H E  C Y C L I S T - Petroleum Rainbow


Great music gets younger and younger. 18 year old Andrew Morrison, from Derry, Northern Ireland, uses a £20 keyboard to create ‘techno filtered through a sort of dark furturism’. Using Natalia Goncharova’s painting ‘The Cyclist’ as inspiration, his music strives to recreate the ‘singularity of Russian futurists, with a constant flow and shuffling rhythms which recreate realism amongst the failings of frail technology’. For those people who have no idea what that just said (and i’m included on that one) the track is taken from his latest release ‘Bending Brass’ which is avaliable now. Get it here.

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Our Brother the Native have been a force in Michigan music for years. With two albums under their belt already, and a new one well in the works, I feel honored to be able to present their remix for the opening track on Hidden Trees, ‘Reeling The Warmth’.  Free Download available now (via No Fear of Pop), this track will go alongside a handful of other remixes as bonus tracks on the CD version of the album that will come with all vinyl orders (preorders available now via Black Tent Press)

On another note, I just finished probably the best two weeks I’ve had in a long long time touring across europe.  Met so many incredible people, new friends.  Also finally met some folks in person whom previously I knew only through binary interpretations scattered through wifi-air.  So this is a shoutout to all of you- and a special thanks to the crew at Antistars for making it all possible.


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The Cyclist is Andrew Morrison, an 18 year old native of Derry, in Northern Ireland, where he uses a £20 keyboard - whose constant errors generate random noises and extra tones - to make techno filtered through a sort of dark futurism. Named for Natalia Goncharova’s painting The Cyclist, Morrison’s music seems to emerge from the same singularity as the Russian futurists, with a constant flow and shuffling rhythm that creates its own realism in the distinctiveness and potential failings of frail technology.

MP3 ::
The Cyclist - Technicolor!
The Cyclist - Technilama

Preorder the limited edition cassette over yonder - you’ll be able to download the digital on May 17.


Obscene Sunset #3, Ryan Feeney


Com Truise — “Fairlight”

Grids fall all around and you start to think geometrically, but before you have time to react, there’s already a synth there to narrate your life. So you just kick back with the sharp percussion and let the bass drum gather your momentum. This feeling keeps on going, but towards the end, you begin to understand that there was never a way out of it, almost as unready as the next tracks’ title suggests. As if it’s flaky, without feeling unfinished, but don’t worry I’m sure it’ll become stable soon enough.

Com Truise finds a way to bridge his sound so closely to a future outlook found in the 80s. The Fairlight EP seems to be the b-sides of Com Truise’s upcoming full-length, Galactic Melt, to be released on July 5th from Ghostly International. This EP seems to tie us over for now, but soon after, many will be anxiously waiting for Galactic Melt.

Listen to “Cathode Girls” off of Galactic Melt @ Com Truise’s Soundcloud

mp3//Com Truise — Fairlight

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