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The folks at International Tapes just premiered our latest release, Welcome Back Sailors’ (Love) That’s All. When Dwight, Liz and I first heard YES/SUN last year we all knew immediately that we had to release with these brilliant Italian dreamers. Their music shimmers and swells continuously, always focusing on the ethereal vocal layers that make each track truly shine. (Love) That’s All is no exception. Lasting only three tracks on the a-side with a couple remixes from Keep Shelly In Athens and Death In Plains, as well as a stunning cover of the opening track from His Clancyness on the b-side; it’s almost guaranteed this one will be on repeat.
MP3: Welcome Back Sailors - Stronger Welcome Back Sailors - (Love) That’s AllHead over to the Crash Symbols Bandcamp to cop the digital release of (Love) That’s All early, and pick up the cassette pre-order, officially hitting the streets next month.

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